Sales Associate

Pamela Bonsu

Selfridges is a stage and it’s a stage for many talents.

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IT Help Desk Manager

Adam Lane

When people think of IT, they think about lots of technical people in a dark room, tapping away on a keyboard. But for us, we’re not like that at all; we’re more about the customer, more about talking to the business

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Buying Manager

Helen Attwood

Things have changed so much – the entire store has become a completely different place and that’s what I love so much – it’s continuously evolving.

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Commercial Finance Manager

Kwofi Dubois

I really enjoy the variety of the work, you get involved in so much within this department and it really keeps you on your toes, it’s really challenging, really fast-paced. At the end of the day it’s rewarding.

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Executive Chef

Mark Taylor

We’re quite unique because of who we are – there’s only one Selfridges.

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Sales Manager

Jayne Thurston

If you want to work somewhere you’d be truly proud to work, if you want to have fun, if you want every day to be different, if you want to make some of the best friends you’re ever going to make, and you want to work with amazing brands, amazing products and really deliver a customer experience to somebody then Selfridges is the place for you.

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Department Manager

Ruth Leigh

My department manager and my sales manager were great role models for me – they really helped me with my career path, they also believed in me and they could see from just a Christmas temp they progressed me to sales associate, to brand specialist and then to the role I’m in now.

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Design Manager

Heike Bergamini

The customer experience must be the best and the most engaging experience that a person can have when shopping.

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