What we look for

At Selfridges, everything we do is about meeting the highest standards and ensuring customer satisfaction across every facet of the business.

That's why, in every department and at every level, we value people who can combine a high level of talent and expertise with a total enthusiasm for their role.

Just as they do in our stores, our Head Office teams bring together people from a broad variety of backgrounds, cultures and stages in life. What unites them are the personal and professional qualities that make them right for us.

We'll expect you to be friendly, helpful and professional at all times. We'll expect you to be positive, energetic and constructive, to take responsibility for getting things done, and to take pride in doing them well. Most importantly, we'll expect you to have the potential to become a true expert in your field - that is, if you're not one already.

From our financial professionals to our buyers and merchandisers, marketing and display teams, everyone working behind-the-scenes shares the same goal - to create a extraordinary, inspiring and captivating shopping experience that delights, surprises and enthrals our customers. Visit after visit after visit.

We may ask a little more than you expected - but for the right people, we can offer so much in return.

Selfridges is an equal opportunity employer. So whatever your age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, religion, race or family circumstances we ensure you’re treated with fairness and respect.