Our departments

Our eight head office departments mean we have an extraordinarily wide range of talents under the one roof.

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Finance has responsibility for budgetary planning across all four stores.

The team monitors spending through monthly review meetings with each department, which could cover everything from advertising and personnel to store maintenance and development.

Essentially, the team applies financial control and expertise right across the business, and deals with people from every area. The challenges come down to understanding seasonal demand and longer-term market trends in order to set the right margins and forecast realistic spend.

In a business so focused on people, Central HR plays a hugely important role. Life is never quiet here.

The function is split into two areas - Resourcing & Development and HR.

Resourcing handles recruitment policy and strategy for the business. In effect that's everything from advertising vacancies and selection to liaising with third party suppliers (such as consultants and agencies). By its nature, this involves a great deal of forward planning - this is a business that never stands still, and there's always something new happening.

The Development team identify areas in which either individuals or whole teams might benefit from developing higher skill levels, and then puts together training programmes to meet this need. Some programmes are central, some are local, and some will involve using external suppliers. The team is also responsible for managing performance and our development review process.

HR covers both Head Office and our stores. Our HR Managers provide a full generalist HR service that includes recruitment and selection activity, assessments, coaching, performance management and disciplinary support.

As you can imagine, high quality, value-for-money Information Systems are vital to our fast-moving retail environment.

The teams in this department work across the business to provide services that underpin both our day-to-day operations and our long-term goals.

Working in Application, Computer or Project Delivery, they apply their knowledge, expertise and planning skills to a wide range of tasks, seeing projects through from beginning to end. They make sure that everyone they deal with along the way is excited and inspired, and gets the support they need to do a brilliant job.

Marketing is made up of three separate functions: Marketing, Graphics and PR & Communications.


Marketing covers everything to do with promoting the Selfridges name to the British shopping public - from developing captivating advertising campaigns and seasonal sales promotions to exploring new and sophisticated online e-marketing techniques. The team's success depends on having an expert understanding of our customers' tastes and aspirations, and knowing how to put across persuasive messages that will be listened to. The work is heavily creative in nature, and involves working extensively with external advertising agencies.

Events looks after all the regular launches, fashion shows and promotional activities that we use to generate interest and excitement in-store. This is far more of a presentation-based environment, with (at times) a strong element of theatre to it. Events Managers are assigned to individual departments, where they work closely with the store operations, buying and merchandising teams, and also the in-house marketing managers of the individual stores.

PR & Communications

Good relationships with newspapers, magazines and the media in general are a key part of maintaining our public profile. In this, our Press and PR Department plays a critical role; liaising with media agencies and our own PR agency, and acting as a first point of contact for anyone who's interested in what we do. They also handle all requests for props and clothing for photo shoots. The Internal Communications team makes sure all Selfridges people know what's happening, where and when through newsletters, notice-boards and events. It's usually busy, and it's sometimes very hard work, but then again, it's always rewarding.

Our Buying and Merchandising departments are split in to two teams that focus on specific product areas.

The Buying team source the latest products, brand and trends to keep us ahead of our competitors. They build relationship with brands and suppliers to negotiate the best costs and exclusive products.

Our Merchandising team get down in the detail, analysing sales, monitoring stock levels and planning for next season. They work closely with buying to make informed decisions when it comes to stock.

Colourful, charismatic and extravagantly creative, this has to be one of our most exciting departments.

Colourful, charismatic and extravagantly creative, this has to be one of our most exciting departments.

The department is split into two teams, Graphics and Visual and Creative and Windows, each of which has a great, extrovert atmosphere and a major accent on style, impact and statement.

Graphics and Visual takes care of things like graphics, production, visual merchandising, creative direction, signage and copywriting.

While the Creative and Windows team leads the way on coming up with creative concepts, keeping on top of the latest creative trends, and designing our windows and presentations.

The department is hands-on, fast-paced, pressured at times and definitely not about keeping regular hours – but at its best, it's also outrageous fun

Here we ensure that our customers get the same great service online as they do instore.

Our online store teams work on everything from trading to production, design to IS, analysis, content management and the development of new systems. They blend a wide range of skills and experience to make sure the site is as interactive as possible and that every visitor has a positive, enjoyable experience.

Our Property Department consists of around 40 people, who combine a design-led sensibility with a practical and professional approach to store maintenance in all its forms.

This ranges from liaising with outside suppliers (such as cleaning and cabling contractors) to planning shop floor and Head Office layouts, refurbishments and any new developments.