Yes. Your account with Selfridges will allow you to apply for a number of roles at once, and your applications will be considered separately. If you are applying to become a Sales Associate we would prefer you to apply for the role you think most suits your skills and experience so that we do not try to assess you more than once for a similar role. For other roles we would encourage you to make sure you think very carefully about what you apply for and to look at the skills and experience detailed in the advert. If you feel you are right for the role, try to ensure that where appropriate you tailor your CV and your application form accordingly. This will mean that your application is more likely to stand out for that particular role.

Our careers website details all the roles currently live. We may have filled the role you saw, or may have closed the advert to new applications due to the volume received or interviews taking place. We don't often state closing dates for roles as this depends on the response to our advertisements.

Yes. Concession people will follow our normal recruitment process, including assessment centres and interviews for roles in line with external candidates. You do not need to complete an internal application form.

People who work for one of our concessions are not employed by Selfridges, and we do not process applications or recruit on behalf of concession brands. If you are interested in working for Selfridges please search for our current vacancies on this website.

If you feel it would help you in the future to have some feedback on your interview or assessment, we would be more than happy to provide it.

Your interview or assessment will depend on the position you have applied for. If you have applied for a Sales Associate role we run assessment centres in each store on a regular basis, which may include a role play exercise and/or a one-to-one interview.

Other roles in stores and Head Office will normally involve at least two interviews, and we will confirm the details to you if we invite you for assessment.

At Selfridges we look for a number of things, dependent on the role you apply for. We always consider applications carefully in line with the requirements of the role and your skills and experience. Our assessments focus on Selfridges' people values, and we are naturally keen to find out why you are passionate about what you do and about working for Selfridges.

We do not currently offer a graduate scheme. We do however recruit for a number of entry-level roles across areas of our business and encourage you to develop your skills and experience within the role to progress your career. In Buying & Merchandising, our Buying Administrators and Allocator entry-level roles are great career starting points, especially if you have administration experience and a relevant fashion or design degree.

Yes. Roles in our stores and Head Office environments are advertised internally through notice-boards and our intranet. We often consider transfers between our stores, and it is another way to develop your career within our retail management teams to explore opportunities in other stores. Transfers are subject to application, line manager support and service/eligibility requirements which are detailed in our internal recruitment policy.

Yes. We encourage internal applications for roles where appropriate, especially when new areas of our business are launched (particularly instore). You are able to apply for transfers between departments, subject to the service and eligibility requirements detailed in our internal recruitment policy.

New roles are advertised internally to all locations, so you are able to apply for roles when the right role becomes available. We encourage talent development from our Retail teams into our Head Office teams, especially in Buying & Merchandising. Applications are again subject to line manager support and service/eligibility requirements detailed in our internal recruitment policy

Discounts instore vary from brand to brand. All Selfridges own-bought products, including most of beauty and perfumery and much of home and fashion are eligible for a 35% discount. Concession rates depend on the brand but are typically from 10-20%. Discount is available through a special Selfridges Account Card, for which you can apply either on joining or after 3 months' service, depending on your role. The Account Card is either a Charge Card where the balance is paid off each month by direct debit or a Credit Card where you have a number of payment options. Full details of team member discount will be given to you upon joining.

As well as team member discount, we offer a number of benefits including:

  • 22-27 days' holiday, plus bank holidays (subject to any store operational requirements)
  • Incentive and commission schemes for Sales Associate roles (dependent on the area you work in)
  • For all other roles, bonus potential of 5-40% of base salary (dependent on the role and area you work in)
  • Season Ticket Loan (London & Birmingham only)
  • Healthcare (senior management roles only)
  • Subsidised team member restaurants
  • Range of other discounts and special offers, as detailed in our benefits booklet which you will receive as part of your offer pack

We aim to come back to you after an assessment or interview as soon possible. This may be by phone, email or by post. We will normally respond within 5-7 working days, unless otherwise indicated when we assess you. If feedback is delayed for any other reason we will let you know and try to advise when you should hear back from us. At any time you can check the status of your application by logging into your account on our careers homepage.

Congratulations! We're looking forward to you joining our team. After an offer has been made we will normally send out an offer pack by post within 48 hours. Please bear in mind that this may take a few days to reach you, especially if sent before a weekend or bank holiday. We should have confirmed your induction details by phone if you have already confirmed your start date. If you have any queries about your offer please contact the recruitment team member you have been speaking to. Your Selfridges Recruitment Account on this website will also have been updated with some details for you to look at. Click here to login to your account.

Please speak to your recruitment team contact and update them of the change to your start date. You can log in to your account here to find details of your offer along with contact details for Selfridges recruitment. We will then be able to confirm the change to your start date, and any necessary changes to your induction.

We're really looking forward to you starting with us and your induction process will have been arranged to make sure we welcome you to Selfridges. All new members of the Selfridges team will go through store induction, usually on their first day in the business. This will cover the basics about who we are and such essential information as key health and safety processes. Dependent on the role you may also go through till training, IT systems training, and Management Induction. Details of your training programme will have been confirmed in your offer pack or after confirmation of your start date. To introduce you to your role, your line manager and colleagues will give you further support during your first few weeks in the business

We think Selfridges is a great place to work, but you don't have to take our word for it! We've tried to put as much information about us as possible onto this website so please surf and have a look at what we do. There are also short videos showing ” A day in the life” of some of our team members so you can get an idea of what a day at Selfridges might involve. If you're not sure, why not come in-store and ask us?

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